... on a LINUX System

ask for (download January 2020) LFE-MMT.tar,
store this file in a fresh directory and tar xvf LFE-MMT.tar

Now your fresh directory contains

run-zeno             - executable
Einstellungen      - setting, easy to understand
MY-MMT-INPUT   - parameter + names of all parts
zahnrad.nas        - the gear wheel, Nastran data
Introduction-to-MMT.pdf - explains nearly everything

You can run LFE-MMT with

cd fresh directory
/...path.../run-zeno   MY-MMT-INPUT

LFE-MMT generates in your fresh directory

logfile        some statistics
fe_all.nas   all parts, tetras and triangles
fe_1.nas     part 1, tetras and triangles
fe_2.nas     part 2, tetras and triangles

... In case of problems contact michael.lautsch[at]