Input ONE part

The input is given as a STL file and a RESOLUTION parameter. The STL file is the watertight surface of the part which shall be meshed. Non watertight surfaces will be repaired automatically. Details of this surface, wich are smaller than the value of RESOLUTION, may not be meshed correctly.

Other input formats: Nastran, Abaqus


A file

   STL part_1.stl
   STL part_2.stl
   STL part_n.stl

   RESOLUTION    0.1

is interpreted as above. If parts overlap the latter part wins.


The output is a conformal tetrahedral mesh, formatted like an Abaqus file. Each part and the fluid (= complementary space ) is given as a separate set of elements.

Output at a second glance

An adaptive sequence of tetra meshes approximates the input files.


You can run LFE-MMT simply by

   LFE-MMT-executable    STL file    RESOLUTION